About Love

I am passionate about health and policy.

Minorities, especially African Americans, suffer disproportionately from chronic diseases, simply because many don’t have the knowledge of and/or access to the means to live healthier lives.

Our health is closely tied to the environment we live in. Place is important.

Education is key, but our neighborhoods are also important. Neighborhoods with access to healthy foods, safe streets to exercise, clean air to breathe are environments where heathy people can thrive. Friends, family and neighbors should look out for one another and make sure everyone is safe. All of these things contribute to a healthier life.

Policy plays a role in health. However, when the people who we elect to represent our communities don’t do enough to REPRESENT our interests, that is when we need to advocate for ourselves.

That is my mission. To help us help ourselves. I write about health and policy issues that affect the African American community, Oakland and the Nation.

I write about my own journey in health and policy with the hope that it will help you.

I hope to become an advocate for the city of Oakland, California and help the community make the changes that they would like to see.

I am a work in progress and I share my adventures along the way. Join me.

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