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  • I’m all about health promotion. Really!

    If you have explored this blog at all, you might wonder where are all the health posts. Over the past year most of my posts have been about politics..and this is supposed to be a policy and health space. I apologize. Please believe that I do engage in health promotion on a daily basis. I work for…

  • Parents fight to keep kids healthy.. AWESOME!

    At last nights First 5 Regional Parent Meeting I was inspired by the earnestness, dedication and energy of the parents working to make a difference. I wanted to bottle it up and take it with me!

  • I have a problem with being misled.

    I am too easily swayed by commercials. Most importantly, I don’t appreciate being lured into unhealthy eating on purpose.

  • 23 million children and teens are obese or overweight..

    This video posted by SaludToday is about Hispanic children..but has dire implications for children all across America. Particularly the impact of negative marketing and increased screen time has on physical activity and caloric intake.

  • Let’s Bike! | Let’s Move

      Do you remember when you learned how to ride your bike?  Read how Boston helps to make this rite of passage into a city wide event! Let’s Bike! | Let’s Move.

  • San Francisco to ban toys in Happy Meals..wha??

    Heard on the radio this morning that San Francisco is moving to ban placement of toys in unhealthy Happy Meals from McDonald’s. Here is the MSNBC article. As someone who works for an organization to reduce childhood obesity– this is GREAT NEWS. California is always the leader in progressive ideas that concerns our health and…