Category: Healthcare

  • A lesson in Health Prevention..and privilege.

    Few of us expect to be confronted with our own mortality during the course of your average workday, but that’s exactly what happened to Bill Weir last Friday, January 13th. In Los Angeles to interview renowned cancer specialist and preventive medicine proponent, Dr. David Agus, Bill underwent a battery of tests to show the Nightline…

  • Sean is for Oakland, small business and local artists.

    Sean Sullivan holds an informational gathering while supporting a small Oakland business, Inkwell Studio, artists and an event for black nurses. Read all about it!

  • Bedside Manner vs Being Human

    Hello world, I don’t write much, as you can see. However, when I read this article, I felt I must do my part to spread the word- even if it is to the one or two people who actually notice this blog. Doctors get a bad rap and some of them deserve it. Some are…