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  • Ranked Choice Voting: WTH?

    So we have heard this term a couple of times and I have even thrown it out there. Well the blogger from “A Better Oakland” took the time to do an in depth explanation (complete with Youtube video!) for us! Check it out! “A Better Oakland- Ranked Choice Voting“

  • Adventures in Oakland Politics: Joe Tuman!

    When I was a younger, my mother used to take us on house tours. We would go around to really upper class homes that would open it’s doors to those of us who were curious about how the rich live. I used to be embarrassed to do this. Twenty years later I am at it…

  • Adventures in Oakland Politics: Rebecca Kaplan!

    Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland Tribune, Mayoral Race, Oakland, film, marketing, vote, Larry Lionel Young, rank-choice voting,

  • Adventures in Oakland Politics: Marcie Hodge!

    2 Points for good manners! This weekend I went to a Marcie Hodge meet and greet at her aunt’s house in Upper Rockridge. After trudging up a street called Ocean View (foresight not really kicking in) on a warm Saturday afternoon, once I got to the destination all I saw was a standard Marcie Hodge…

  • Adventures in Oakland Politics: District 2!

    Tonight I went to a forum between District 2 City Council candidates Pat Kernighan and Jennifer Pae held at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church. I enjoyed every minute. The church was very nice inside. Pat Kernighan is the incumbent and has been in the Council for 5 years. I had been part of the Grand Lake…

  • Adventures in Oakland Politics: Jean Quan

    Who is Jean Quan and why should I care? Jean Quan is the District 4 Community Council Member and she is running for Mayor of Oakland. (Check out her website here) Last week I went to a open house/meet-n-greet in Trestle Glenn.

  • Adventures in Oakland Politics!

    When I grow up I want to be like someone I know. Lets call him Jack. Jack is a mature and experienced community activist who knows all about local policy in Richmond and plays the saxophone. Really Cool. Jack said to me the first thing I should do is participate in local issues. Go to…