Birther Movement- 1890’s Racism in 2011

I originally had a blase’ attitude about Donald Trump asking for Obama’s birth certificate. I was sad that he gave in, but I figured that this controversy has gone on too long and that this was something he had to do to avoid the mistake John Kerry made.

But then, I started to pay attention to the Twitterverse reacting to his surrender. (Yes, Twitter is better than Google in getting the latest news). There are a lot of links to articles  and videos being passed around, but this video of Rachel Maddows segment on the issue that  @Questlove posted from the blog VIDEO: “Show me your papers!” « The Goldie Taylor Project I think says it all.


I have been watching “Celebrity Apprentice” this season and getting all into the fight between Nene, Star Jones and LaToya Jackson. I was fascinated but disappointed in their behavior. I am now a little disappointed in myself for watching and giving this man an audience. 🙁

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