Dear 16 year old me..

In twitter verse there is a topic #twitteryour16yearoldself and it got me thinking..

I have complained about this before: wishing some empathetic person pulled me aside and told me things about being an adult. I feel that I have made some really silly mistakes in my time, which could have been avoided if someone warned me. Because of this, I make it a priority to be a mentor to young people and give advice to any one who asks. Sharing is caring and the easiest way to give back to your community.

So, if I had a chance to encounter myself at the age of 16, what would I say?

I can’t just say one thing. I have so many!

Here is my list:

1. Develop a relationship with God.
2. Don’t take your mother for granted. You two are more alike than you think. Take the time to talk to her more, you won’t regret it.
3. Don’t spend all your money on slurpees.
4. Go running with your’s easier while you are young.
5. Eat your vegetables. Canned spinach isn’t the only kind of spinach there is!
6. Don’t take what people say in high school so seriously, you will meet your lifelong friends in college.
7. Don’t get a credit card…not yet. WAIT!!!
8. Learn how to drive.
9. Walking long distances and Reading becomes your drug of choice. Thank you for starting early.
10. You will get caught jaywalking. Look both ways before you cross the street. Turn down the headphones.
11. You are allergic to medicines that contain sulfanomides.
12. A Black man can be President. Yes HE CAN!
13. You don’t have to be a doctor to work in the field of science.
14. Berkeley is hard. REAL HARD
15. Run for student council president
16. Don’t be afraid of boys, not all of them lie.
17. Don’t get a perm.
18. Take every opportunity you can to travel.
19. Practice wearing heels.
20. Dampen your tendencies towards procrastination NOW!

What would you say to yourself?

Have a great weekend!!

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