My Purple Banana.

UPDATE —  June 7th, 2012

In honor of  Prince Birthday I am reposting my experiences my experiences at a concert that I attended on in Feb. 2011. I heart this man a lot. Read about why below!

Happy #PurpleThursday!


Last night, I went to the Prince concert and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had!!

I post this blog under the category, “Love” because quite simply, I love this little man!

He is sexy, crazy, weird, smart, quiet, shy, mature, funky, strange, soulful, artistic, mysterious and quite simply a genius! He is the only man who can pull off looking ridiculous and sexy at the same time.

He’s my purple banana..and would be glad to be thrown into a truck with him.

I named my laptop Purple Rain in his honor.

What I find most wonderful about him is his sense of humor. My favorite song of his is Pink Cashmere. It’s not one of those songs that is played constantly on the you have to be a true fan to know about this (which I am).

Pink Cashmere: What’s that all about? It’s about a man that will do anything for the woman he loves. It has everything, his sexy falsetto, his deep speaking voice, romantic vocals, acoustic guitar, violins. He comes out of his shell, he does things he has never done before..he prays and thanks GOD. It’s epic!

My favorite part of the whole song is his last verse at the end …

“Cause you got to know..

How I feel about you, babe.

How I feeeell about you babe.

Gonna make a little pretty coat

I gonna count every second,

every minute, each and every hour of every day

Til you come on back, you come on back

to your little man!”

He refers to himself as a little man. He’s perfectly aware of himself and that is soooo sexy!

Then comes the hot violin and guitar solo. AWESOME. If I EVER get in a car and drive- it will be listening to this song along the coast of California.. with Prince by my side. ( A dream worth having, no?)

I am sure Prince would not approve of this song being posted on vimeo or on this blog..but just to give you a taste.  However, I plead that you BUY it off of Itunes. This song deserves your $.99. Trust.


Anyway, the SF Chronicle writes  a pretty accurate review of last night’s show. (Except folks bringing their little kids..WTH!!)

It was wonderful. If you ever get a chance to go to one of his concerts you should go.

Prince in Oakland: The 10 Craziest Things About Last Night’s Show, Santana Cameo Included – San Francisco Music – All Shook Down.

2 responses to “My Purple Banana.”

  1. As always Tonya, beautifully put.

    “Oo! Here I go again, fallin in love all over! I’m makin you a cup of pink cashmere…”

    My favorite is ‘Joy in Repetition’.

    Long live Mr. Fantastical Spectacular. I’m insatiable when it comes to him.

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