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I was visiting another blog: What Skinny People Do (lovely- you should read it), where the author discusses running outside versus running on a treadmill. She expounded on the technical aspects, like form and wind resistance.

IMO, I think the biggest difference between running outside and on a treadmill is the reception you get from other people. I find the gym to be a rather singular place- everyone is focusing on their own workout and not paying much attention to you. (Which is fine with me, because those folks are the ‘super gym’ folks and next to them I look silly!)

I made it!! This is me doing "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" last year. A 5k that I decided to run instead of walk.

However, when you are outside, there is such a feeling of comeraderie! Everyone is smiling at each other and when you are running, you get cheerleaders! Maybe it’s because I’m overweight and they just don’t expect to see me running, but there are times where I hear “Yo go girl!” “Keep going!” “Don’t stop” “So proud of you!”. LOVE IT!
Plus, there are the beautiful views that gives you something pretty to look at while you run, instead of the mirror which makes me want to hurl.  (Oakland is gorgeous. That’s right, Oakland).  The sunny and slightly windy weather with the fresh air to breathe in makes you feel good, rather than hot, sweaty and gross. Finally, when you are outside, you can SEE how far you have run and that makes you feel like you have accomplished something.

I much prefer to run outside than inside. Well, honestly, I haven’t run inside at all because I can’t figure out the treadmill and I get intimidated by it. LOL

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  1. Tonya, I totally agree with your view. Here in LA has become second nature to walk by a stranger and not greet them. But in the morning during my run everyone takes the time to say “good morning”! Maybe it’s because they are surprised to see me running too. Great post, thanks for the shout out!

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