Thanks Sarah Palin. You rock! 😉

Sarah Palin is allowing bloggers to have the BEST WEEK EVER!

She’s bashing the Bushes and the Obamas. No one is safe!

This week she was a guest on the Laura Ingraham show in which she gives her opinion on Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama. (see below)


Barbara is an elitest (from comments made about the Katrina refugees to Texas), but I think it is AWESOME that she suggests that Sarah stay in Alaska. I agree. However if Palin does stay in Alaska, what would blogger’s like me have to write about? Sarah is a fountain of good blogging material.

Take her slam against Michelle Obama and the Let’s Move Campaign. Three minutes into the show Sarah describes how she feels that Obama is an elitist who uses her uppity ideas on how American’s should live to inform decisions on policy. She says that Obama just ‘can not trust parents to make decisions for their own children and what we should eat’ and whines that the government should ‘leave us alone’ and get off our backs.

What Ms. Palin fails to understand is that Let’s Move isn’t really about telling parents what to do. It’s recognizing that there are factors that lead to childhood obesity that are out of the parents control. Lack of supermarkets in low income neighborhoods. Portion sizes at restaurants that are exponential. Schools serving pizza for breakfast. Streets without sidewalks and crime just being everywhere. Let’s Move is a collaborative initiative that works with all sectors of society to reduce childhood obesity.

Does Let’s Move provide tips to parents such as reducing screen time or taking the kids to the park every once in a while? Yeah. But they are tips..not the LAW. You aren’t going to be arrested for not complying. If your child’s pediatrician recommends serving water instead of juice to reduce your child’s chance of developing Type 2 Diabetes and dental carries are you going to start whining that he is ‘telling you what to do’? It’s what you pay him for, right? You pay the government with your hard earned taxes– wouldn’t it be nice that they put that money to good use such as helping you and your kids to have healthier lives?

Things like:

– Using part of the White House lawn as a garden, bringing kids to learn about sustainable food and harvesting over 1,000 pounds of food to feed the homeless.
Educating the community and parents about nutrition.
– Bringing chefs to public schools to improve what is served to kids at institutions where they spend the majority of their day away from parents.
– Spearheading an initiative to help local markets and groceries to serve healthy foods.
– Providing resources to families that want to go outside.

Such common sense thoughts and actions like these miss Sarah Palin by a mile. Which is great! I was wondering what the heck I should write about this week and Sarah Palin gave me the perfect subject. Thanks Sarah!! Keep it coming.

To learn more about Let’s Move and what you can do to be more involved in helping reduce childhood obesity- visit

ps.. Ms. Obama: I would REALLY like to come to the White House and decorate for Christmas. I can’t this year..but next year, please reserve my spot. Thanks! 🙂


The House just passed the Hunger Free Kids Food Act (S. 3307). Yay!!! Read about it here:

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