“When I was youngun I used to walk 10 miles to school!”

When I was a kid, my brother and I did walk miles in order to get to school. My mother didn’t have a car. I’m still walking to this day..carrying on my mother’s tradition of not driving..33 years and counting!


According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, 30 years ago “nearly 90% of children who lived within a mile of school used active transportation (i.e., walking or bicycling) as their primary mode of travel (USDOT, 1972).” Today, you don’t see many kids making the journey to school on their own two legs anymore.

Let’s Move.org, Michelle Obama’s initiative to reduce childhood obesity, is promoting International Walk to School Day and have written about it on their blog.

Check it out here: “Walk to School Day”

Afterward, pick your child up from school today and walk them home. 🙂

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