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  • Email to City Council, Mayor and Police Chief re Protests.

      On Friday I emailed the mayor, city council and the chief of police regarding the protest rules and policies at city hall and the streets of #Oakland. So far I got two responses from Council President Lynette McElhaney and Chief Whent. I will update more if I get other responses. Here is my email:…

  • Nighttime protest ban just seems like another method to silence community.

    Nighttime protest ban just seems like another method to silence community.

    The message that Oakland government is sending to the community is that they would rather continue with doing the business of the city than allow the community to communicate how they feel about what is happening around them.

  • A conversation with Latonda Simmons…

    You may think that all a city clerk does is read the names of public speakers. No, they are so much more! Find out about our own Oakland City Clerk and how she is making it easier for you to participate in city government.

  • Oakland Redistricting Meetings..TDL Summary.

    Oakland is redrawing their city council boundaries..get the low-down and find out how you can particpate!

  • Oakland Rising and Redistricting.

    Oakland Rising opens house to celebrate their success and share with the community opportunities to shape the political landscape. Also, learn how you can help with mapping city council districts.

  • I’m all about health promotion. Really!

    If you have explored this blog at all, you might wonder where are all the health posts. Over the past year most of my posts have been about politics..and this is supposed to be a policy and health space. I apologize. Please believe that I do engage in health promotion on a daily basis. I work for…

  • Notes on effective #Oakland protests.

    Yes we are angry over the George Zimmerman verdict, but lets not waste money and energy on protests that just cause damage. Read what Kazu Haga, from Postive Peace Warrior Network has to say about effective organizing.

  • #Oakland City Council shares budget 2013-15 priorities

    Storify by TDL Tue, May 28 2013 19:00:53 #Oakland City Council shares budget 2013-15 priorities On Thursday (5/23/13) during a special City Council budget meeting, council members shared what they would like to see in the budget. Tonya (@tdlove5) and #oakmtg has the scoop! Every two years Oakland City Council decides how it’s going to…

  • #Oakland discusses projected 2013 budget

    Storify by TDL Wed, May 01 2013 16:55:41 #Oakland discusses projected 2013 budget Last night, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and City Administrator Deanna Santana present their budget for 2013 amidst considerable scrutiny. Twitter #oakmtg and @tdlove5 has the story. Facing a looming debt to cover unfunded liabilities and a still struggling economy, Oakland administrators presented…

  • Email to City Govt re Community Meetings

    I was asked to write to city council my suggestions on including community at Oakland city public safety meetings. I wrote one and now I am sharing it with the public. Let me know what you think?