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  • Notes on effective #Oakland protests.

    Yes we are angry over the George Zimmerman verdict, but lets not waste money and energy on protests that just cause damage. Read what Kazu Haga, from Postive Peace Warrior Network has to say about effective organizing.

  • Will Trayvon Martin’s death be a moment or a movement? Let’s create a community movement!

    I don’t know if we are going to see the kind of political movement like that of the 60’s.. but I think what we can all do is create a movement of community change that can be just as powerful. We’ve lost our village. Lets bring the village back!

  • A new understanding of violence and nonviolence as a tactic.

    Destruction of property and other violent actions places the focus on the violence, and not on the issue.

  • Learning from “The Interrupters” of Violence in Oakland

    “The Interruptors” (@theinterruptors) is a documentary by Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz that follows the work of an organization called CeaseFire (@CeaseFire_IL) and it’s efforts to fight violence on the streets of Chicago.

  • Similarities between Occupy Oakland and Stand for Oakland

    Both organizations are working to have a better Oakland. I think everyone needs to take to the time to listen to each other, respectfully, and figure out a way to work together to make it happen.

  • Is it politics or guns that we should be scared of?

    If Loughner had gone to the Safeway carrying a regular pistol, the kind most Americans think of when they think of the right to bear arms, Giffords would probably still have been shot and we would still be having that conversation about whether it was a sane idea to put her Congressional district in the cross hairs of a rifle on the Internet. But we might not have lost a federal judge, a 76-year-old church volunteer, two elderly women, Giffords’s 30-year-old constituent services director and a 9-year-old girl who had recently been elected to the student council at her school and went to the event because she wanted to see how democracy worked. Loughner’s gun, a 9-millimeter Glock, is extremely easy to fire over and over, and it can carry a 30-bullet clip. It is “not suited for hunting or personal protection,” said Paul Helmke, the president of the Brady Campaign. “What it’s good for is killing and injuring a lot of people quickly.”